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What is MathPlus?

The exceptional after-school learning center and program to supercharge your child’s math skills.

We are after-school math centers that provide individualized math enrichment support to students from grade 1 to 12.

MathPlus curriculum uses its proprietary material and approach to help students build foundation, improve school performance, and excel.

Topics covered include Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and AP Calculus AB. We also provide homework support, high school entrance exam/placement test prep, and PSAT/SAT prep.

There are multiple programs to choose from:

    • In-person general sessions
    • Private / Semi-private sessions
    • Online/In-person combined classes for advanced topics (e.g. Geometry and AP Calculus AB)
What is MathPlus?

We Want the Best.
For our own kids, and for yours.

From two parents, with love.
From two parents, with love.

From two parents, with love.

MathPlus began with two parents wanting the best math enhancement material for their two young kids.
In 1999, Dr. Meng and Dr. Maa, after many years’ development, published MathPlus worksheets, based on the material designed for their children.

The first MathPlus Learning Center was opened in 2006 in Hockessin, DE. The second center was opened in 2016 in Chadds Ford, PA, after both Dr. Meng and Dr. Maa retired from their corporate jobs.

Teaching math and helping students succeed are the passions for both Dr. Meng and Dr. Maa. That is why they personally review every student’s progress, design individualized study plans, and prepare each student’s weekly assignment. In addition, they continue to be the Head Instructors at both centers.

Trust the MathPlus Process.

Your Guide to Your Child’s Learning

For your child’s success.

For your child's success.

1. Assess Student’s Math Skills

We begin with a comprehensive assessment, which includes the evaluation of both the computational and critical thinking skills, to pinpoint their exact strengths and areas for improvement.

2. Customized Learning Path

Study plan is created for each child based on his/her strengths, areas for improvement and study goals. We help students grow their math capabilities in the way best for them individually.

3. Continuous Monitoring And Updating Individual Study Plan

Every student’s progress is continuously monitored and validated through quizzes, level achievement tests and grade level review tests. Student’s study plan is updated to reflect his/her current state and short-term/mid-term goals.

4. Teach For Understanding. Proprietary Practice Material Leads To Excellence

Our expert instructors don’t just teach students to memorize or calculate; we teach them to truly understand the way math works. Combined with our proprietary material, which is essential in developing students’ exceptionally strong foundation and math excellency, MathPlus unleashes students’ math and critical-thinking potential and leads them to success.

MathPlus provides a high energy environment where instructor’s enthusiasm to instill kids’ curiosity in math make a real difference in learning. It has several teaching assistants, who constantly look around for kids’ hand raised to help them solve math problems. I have my daughter there for past four years and I am determined to continue it.

- Deb J.

This is the best math program in the area.  Both of my children have dramatically improved their math skills.  We decided to enroll in MathPlus not because our kids were behind but because we wanted them to get ahead.  MathPlus has helped with the confidence, accuracy and speed.  It has improved their test scores in school and also their DCAS score.  If you are looking for a great math program, you have found it.The owners have not only taught Math to my children, but dedication set by their example.

- Ivanka C.

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