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Why MathPlus?

MathPlus unleashes students’ math and critical-thinking potential, leading them to success.

  • Proven Results.
  • Exceptional Instructors and Supporting Teaching Staff
  • Flexible & Individualized Learning Plan
  • Personal Attention
  • Structured Learning
  • Comprehensive Programs for Different Needs
Why MathPlus?

Sending our son to MathPlus is one of the best decisions we’ve made.  MathPlus is able to provide a unique program to meet my son’s specific needs in Math as a high school student.  Just after a couple months of attending MathPlus, my son already shows more interest in Math. A few months later, he started to show improvements and confidence in math. We really appreciate MathPlus for providing a positive and encouraging learning experience for my son.

- Sarah K.

We are very happy that this program exists. Our children have gained not only more knowledge but also became very confident in their math skills. They truly enjoy the class, where the teachers are explaining the concepts in a very detailed manner, with lots of patience. The teaching assistants are very nice and helpful. The assigned homework is based on the concepts taught in the MathPlus class and these concepts are reinforced at the top of every homework page. In their school, the children’s teachers are very pleased with the children A+ level progress in math and started to recommend the MathPlus program to other parents.

- Dana L.

MathPlus Advantages

Extensive Content

  • Grades 1 to 12, from counting to calculus
  • 4000+ pages of practice worksheets
  • Computational, Problem Solving, Common Core/Std Testing, and SAT modules

Proprietary Material

  • Developed by MathPlus Head Instructors
  • Designed to focus on the most critical skills
  • Help to develop self-learning skills

Ph.D. Head Instructors

  • Each with 24 years of experience
  • Dedicated and passionate in helping students succeed

Most Relevant to School Curriculum

  • Assignment supports school curriculum
  • Common Core Topics
  • State Standardized Review Practice

Individualized Plan

  • Assignment based on assessment, progress, and goal
  • Carefully designed & continuously updated by the head instructors

Disciplined Process in an Encouranging Environment

  • Process includes assign homework, teach, practice, and validate through quizzes and tests
  • Supportive and friendly staff foster a positive environment for learning

High Teaching Staff to Student Ratio

  • Permits extensive amount of coaching and support by teaching staff


  • Self-paced
  • Adjust to meet individual student’s need
  • Provide schoolwork help, entrance exam prep, and SAT prep as needed

Balanced Approach

  • Computational and Critical Thinking
  • Repetition and Mixed Subject Reviews
  • Guided and Self-Learning

MathPlus Staff

Dedicated to educating and helping our youth achieving their best.

…The tutors are well-versed in mathematics and are also extremely patient. We heartily recommend MathPlus to any math student who would like to achieve at the highest levels.

- Dawn and Bryan A.

The TAs would always be patient and help me solve it step by step so I could do future problems or even different variations of it without any help. Back in 6th grade I skipped pre-algebra and moved to Algebra so harder math questions have always been easier than simple ones like percentages. MathPlus helped build my fundamentals back up which probably helped further down the line of my academics without me realizing so.

- Eric C. (previous student)

Meet our Instructors

Dr. Chin-Kai Meng

Dr. Chin-Kai Meng

Co-founder and Head Instructor
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Yale University
Math Teaching Experience: 24 Years

Dr. Yih-Fen Maa

Dr. Yih-Fen Maa

Co-founder and Head Instructor
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Yale University
Math Teaching Experience: 24 Years

Julia D.

Julia D.

BS in Economics, University of Delaware
Math Teaching Experience: 10 Years

Vince M. Math Tutor

Vince M.

BS in Mathematics, West Chester University
Math Teaching Experience: 12 Years

Ms. X.

Ms. X.

BS in Instrument Engineering, Xi’an Technological University
Math Teaching Experience: 7 Years

Ms. X.

Dr. Daniel Liu

Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Univ. of Delaware
Math Teaching Experience: 1 year

Ms. X.

Ethan W.

MA in Mathematics, West Chester University
Math Teaching Experience: 3 Years

Emily C.

Emily C.

Online Instructor
BS in Biochemistry, UCLA
Math Teaching Experience: 6 Years

Katie S.

Katie S.

Online Instructor
BS in Industrial Engineering and Finance, Lehigh University
Math Teaching Experience: 3 Years

Teaching Assistants


(Name, Grade, High School)

•  Aadi V.| 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Aleka K. | 10 | Garnet Valley

•  Alena Z. | 11 | Westtown

•  Angelina J. | 12 | Unionville

•  Angelina A. | 11 | Sanford

•  Anish A. | 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Anvitha K. | 12 | Tower Hill

•  Chastity L. | 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Cynthia Z. | 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Shinnyom David P. | 10 | Wilmington Charter

•  Dheetya K. | 11 | Unionville

•  Jenny L. | 10 | Wilmington Charter

•  Joshua H. | 9 | Wilmington Charter

•  Kevin H. | 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Lozenzo S. | 10 | Tower Hill

•  Madhuram S. | 12 | Ursuline

•  Om P. | 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Phillis W. | 12 | Unionville

•  Roshan R. | 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Rudra A. | 11 | Wilmington Charter

•  Sahasra Y. | 10 | Garnet Valley

•  Sanjana G. | 11 | Newark Charter

•  Sehaj K. | 12 | Bayard Rustin

•  Sid K. | 11 | Tower Hill

•  Siddhi D. | 10 | Wilmington Charter

•  Tanvi J. | 12 | Wilmington Charter

•  Tanvi T. | 12 | Avon Grove

•  Tejas M. | 11 | Garnet Valley

•  Varun P. | 11 | Sanford

•  Zach A. | 10 | Salesianum

Chadds Ford
Chadds Ford
Chadds Ford


Read our success reports here and throughout different pages…

As parents of two daughters who have built a love for Math through this program, we can’t recommend MathPlus enough. MathPlus is more than just a math enrichment program. It is a community of passionate educators from the owners Kai and Yihfen, to the TAs on their staff but also the curious learners and supportive peers who share a common goal: to explore the beauty and power of mathematics.

Our daughters have been attending MathPlus for over 8 years now, and we have seen them grow not only in their math skills, but also in their confidence, creativity and critical thinking. They enjoy the engaging and challenging lessons that cover topics beyond the school curriculum, such as logic puzzles, number theory, geometry and algebra in the form of both typical problems and complex multi step word problems. They also appreciate the individualized feedback and guidance they receive from their teaching assistants, who are always friendly, patient and knowledgeable.  Many of the TAs have been through the program themselves so they have and share firsthand knowledge of how the program works and how to maximize the learning model.

MathPlus has helped our daughters develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of math, and has inspired them to pursue their interests and goals in STEM fields. They look forward to every session and always come home with a smile on their face and a new math skill to share with us. We are so grateful to MathPlus for providing such a wonderful learning opportunity for our daughters. Thank you, MathPlus!

- Michael and Rikki W.

(My son) will be a freshman this year on a full scholarship for 4 years in no small part due to what you have taught him over the last several years. He chose not to do boarding school and instead opted to stay home even though he scored in the 99% on the ssat again due to you. We cannot thank you both enough for everything you have done for him! The ROI on Mathplus has definitely worked in our favor! Thank you so very much!!

– Dawn and Bryan A.

The Mathplus program is the best to help my kids build up their solid foundation and confidence, in not only their math skills but also other courses, like STEM. Their outstanding school performances are the results of their effort in the Mathplus program. I am really impressed by the strategies Mathplus has designed to help my kids go through every level successfully. The sample pages show how to solve the problems step-by-step, so that my kids could complete their worksheets independently by following the instructions, which also nurtures their self-learning abilities naturally. The homework assignment is focused and relevant to help them practice and enhance what they learnt in class. Weekly quiz and achievement test demonstrate to which concept they need to work harder. The TAs are dedicated to teaching my kids with great patience. I am also very appreciative to the prompt communication from Mathplus anytime I have questions. Thumbs up and thank you Mathplus!

- Meihua X.

I know this is sappy but honestly, my kids would be nothing without you. …. so from the bottom of my heart “thank you.”

- Tracy M.

I first started here 2 years ago. My math skills were terrible and my math grade was just ok. Once I started MathPlus, my math grades were all high and I qualified to jump a math level at school.

- Jerry Y. (previous student)

That’s a great report and I appreciate your support.  It’s exciting to see his progress and I can’t tell you enough how much your program means to the enrichment of our children!

- Kelly Z.

You have helped both my kids do well in school, and for that, I will always be grateful. (My son) particularly has developed a love of Math and wants to spend Saturday mornings at the center instead of skiing or doing something else.

- Anuraag S.

(My daughter) is in her current math level – credit to MathPlus. We will forever be grateful to the program. The program is a gem in DE, with high expectations, and runs sincerely.

- Sheela S.

(My daughter) is doing great, and her math skill definitely has gotten much more solid through the MathPlus program, she is ready to take on AP Calc this coming year. We really appreciate MathPlus has provided her the great tools.

- Christy O.

We have had two boys go through the MathPlus program and have been delighted with the results. Both boys were strong math students to begin with, but the program helped increase their focus, speed and accuracy for doing much more advanced math problems. Our older son was able to complete all the math courses (including three advanced placement math classes) offered at his high school. Our younger son, who is still in the program, appears to be on a similar track. We believe that the MathPlus program also increased their confidence that they could successfully solve problems in a very timely fashion. We would highly recommend the program for kids of all levels. You will see your kids become more confident math students who really enjoy solving math problems.

- Kathy and Mike M.

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